Monday, October 30, 2006

It is time to get with the program, girls!

Your feminine happiness is as simple as these ten uncontradictory rules over at Screaming into the Void

Here are the first two to get you started:

1. Assume any strange man is a potential rapist or murderer in order to protect ourselves because that’s just good common sense - if we refuse to act in our own best interest by limiting our activities to that of an agoraphobic five year old by never going out alone, never going outside at night, and never having an alcoholic drink no matter what our age, the subsequent rape and murder of our foolish, slutty, drunken selves is perhaps tragic, but no more than can be expected.

2. Never assume that a man could be misogynistic and violent until he actually beats the crap out of you or rapes you, because if we do treat men as is they are potentially violent we have proven we are just man-hating scum, even if our personal history includes many frightening examples of men behaving like crazed baboons on crack whenever they fail to get their way.

You must read the rest here!

If you are having trouble picturing what the perfect female looks like, the example below is pretty accurate.