Sunday, January 29, 2006

Playlist 1.28.06

Helen Love - Beat Him Up
Candypants - I want a pony
The Applicators - PC Kids
Kokeshi Doll - Kooron
Wasabi devils - Rest of world
Girl on top - Cherry Blossoms
the playgirls - gaybar
Gore Gore Girls - Shotgun Wedding
Boss Hog - Big Fish
Lunachicks - Jan Brady
the capricorns - the new sound
Delta Dart - Middle Name
Wide right - disconnected
L7 - Bitter Wine
Naked Aggression- Smash the State
45 Grave - evil
Zombina & The Skeletones - Red Planet
Provocateurs - Brand New Girl
Girlschool- Kick it down
The Au Pairs - Domestic Departure
Wallride - The Beast Friend
TheHissyfits - BabyBlue-demo
Manda and the Marbles - Seduction
Choking Susan - I'm alone

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Y control!

I meant to post this a while ago.
Here's a little video candy from, again.
Oh no no it's the Yeah Yeah Yeah's!

DISCLAIMER: this kinda weirded me out, and i'm pretty good about the weirdness.

clicky clicky for some creepy kiddies []

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Playlist 1.21.06

Mika Bomb- Bettie Page
Number Twelve- Say What You Will
Pretty Girls Make Graves-If You Hate Your Friends, You're not Alone"
Bobbyteens- Liquid Love
Leila and The Snakes- Rock and Roll Weirdos
Erase Errata- Fault List
The Huff Rally-The Misadventures
The Knife- Bird
The Dollyrots -Skinny
Vixen- I Want You to Rock Me
CocoRosie- West Side
The Witching- wrecking ball
Kleenex- Beri-Beri
Liz Phair- Blow Job Queen
Rasputina- Tourniquet
Sleater-Kinney Jumpers
ESG- Chistelle
Melissa Auf der Maur- Real A Lie
Ladytron Destroy -Everything You Touch
Green lady killers- psycho ellen

Monday, January 16, 2006

Oi... sorry for the lateness Playlist 1-?-06

the dollyrots- kick me to the curb
green lady killers- power
bunky- gotta pee
the gossip- Got All This Waiting
Tegan and Sara- Superstar
sleater kinney- One More Hour
mensen- The Hard Way
Heavens To Betsy- My Secret
Bunny Fuzzy- Midnight Cherry Pop
Lush- Heavenly Nobodies
Plasmatics- Mistress Of Taboo
Sahara Hotnights- with or without control
Delta 5- You
Demolition Doll Rods- Rock It Up
Breeders- Doe
The High Water Marks- Feel Everything
Fabulous Disaster- Nightliner
Erase Errata- Tongue Tied
Duchess Says- Rabies (Babies got the)
the twats- twat
rikki- clown
lydia lunch- lady scarface

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Playist 1-7-06

Mika Bomb -Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls
Demolition Doll Rods -Sex Machine
Action Pact! - All Purpose Action Footwear
Slant 6 - Blue Angel
Drive-In Ad - Triple Stewardesses
Del Toros - what did I do
Nikki Corvette - What's on My Mind?
The Goops - DeadAlive
Nasty Facts - get to you
eX-Girl - Pop Muzik
HellFire Choir - Go
The Hissyfits - Punk Rock Romance
the vageenas - Riotgang
Soul Sisters - Wreck A Buddy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Black Tongue
Donnas - Midnight Snack
Selby Tigers - Droid
The Avengers - The American In Me
Giant Drag - High Friends In Places
Bang Sugar Bang - Super cool
Nikki & The Corvettes - He's A Mover

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Yippeee... 20006!
We here at Kickasschicks central want to wish you a very happy new year and all that other shit... and in case you tried to listen last night (although I doubt it) you would know that we took the night off to ring in the new year with our respective "man friends". We will return to our schedule next week with some more rockin chicks!
New Years Resolutions? We want to hear yours. Cause I, Peaches resolve not to partake in the "resolutions" bullshit.