Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ichi, Ni, San, Chi!

For Japanese Chicks Kick Ass Style

Hanayo, left
Afrirampo, below left

Get all suggestions in soon!
For next show! This Saturday!
Leave comments in comment section!!

<-------Yasuko of Melt Banana

<------eX-Girl being wacky

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Playlist 05.27.06

Jack Off Jill - Love Song (The Cure cover)
Poison Girls - Lover's Are They Worth It
Maxitit - You Suck
River City Tan Lines - Drag You Down To My Level
New Black - Meerkats Stand Tall
The Angoras - Stories
My Ruin - Miss Ann Thrope
The Charles Manson Experiment - Cat o' 9 Tales (Live)
UXA - Tragedies
Queens of Noize - Indie Boys Don't Deserve It
Powder - Need A Little Help
Staples - Tell Me The Truth
The Sirens - Hellraiser
Tracy Bonham - 50ft Queenie (PJ Harvey cover) post w/mp3
Rasputina - Gingerbread Coffin
Usch - Ito
Runaways - Wasted
The Twenty Twos - Another Day
Acid King - Lead Paint

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you all that we'll be doing a special show next week on JAPANESE CHICKS KICKING ASS!!! Lots of screaming and cutesy stuff.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

playlist!! 05.20.06

The Soviettes - Paranoia Cha Cha Cha **mp3 DL's!
ShiraGirl - Kill Your TV
The Saturday Night Things - Female Trouble **mp3 DL's!
Rebels of the Flesh - Bad Man Bangin'
The Distillers - The World Comes Tumblin'
Maxitit Bad Kitty Posse - Mittens (Say What) **mp3 DL's!
The Ferals - Don't Break Down
Lita Ford - Black Widow
Bukkake Katholik - Mothers of Convention **mp3 DL's!
Society Gang Rape - Society Gang Rape
Choking Susan - I'm Alone **mp3 DL's!
Dressy Bessy - Electrified
Chicks on Speed - Warm Leatherette (a The Normal cover)
Client - Overdrive
Insaints - Sick
X-Ray Spex - Warrior In Woolworth (ty for teh vinyl PR)
The Slits - Love and Romance
Too Much Girl - Can't Get Dressed
Princess Die - Orifice
Team Dresch - Growing Up In Springfield
Iron Maidens - Revelations

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Playlist 05/13/06

Hazard County Girls - Insect
Mz. Pakman - A+ in Evil
Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
Devola - Hopelessness of Sight
Dee Dee Ramone w/ Barbara Zampini on vocals - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Plasmatics - Fast Food Service
on actual red vinyl!!! Thanks Paul Rapp!!
Bikini Kill - Double Dare Ya
Pantychrist - Money
Dandiwind - Einsteinbrains
Noodles - Lite Pop
Backseat Virtue - My Pity
Sonic Youth - Kissability
Even Vast - She Knows
Elastica - Smile
Znowhite - Soldier's Creed
Inkubus Sukkubus - Samhain
Evil Stig - Crimson and Clover (Tommy James & the Shondelles cover)
Pussy Galore - Constant Pain
Fuck-off Machete - Sudosu

Monday, May 08, 2006


I will NOT be leaving the K.A.C. I have quit my second job.... I can't imagine working weekends now til forever! So you will still be able to enjoy me on the radio as I'm sure you all do!

I'll keep you posted~~Peaches

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Playlist 05.06.06

The Vageenas - Mrs. Robotic **MP3's for download**
The Sounds - Go **listen to more on their web site**
Holly Go Lightly - I Can't be Trusted
Supersnazz - Gotta Go
The Avengers - The American in Me
Lords of Acid - Cyber Sex (thanks Joe!)
Heavens to Betsy - Me and Her
Genitoturers - Touch Myself (cover, thanks Joe!)
Human Wine - Rivolta Silenziosa
Sahara Hotnights - No Big Deal
Snap Her - Jimmy Gestapo
Candy Pants - Bonus Track **MP3's for Download**
Human Wine - Big Brother
Talulah Gosh - My Boy Says
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date with the Night
MotorPsychos - Fries with That
Lords of Acid - Young Boys
PJ Harvey - No Girl So Sweet
Luna Chicks - Luxury Problem
Jucifer - Amplifier

Dearest Requesterer,
We will try our best to play Bikini Kill's "Double Dare You" next week...
Will Peaches be present?
We certainly hope so!
The saga continues...
As The Soundboard Mixes.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I have an announcement

I will be leaving th Kick Ass Chicks effective next week :( I took a second job and will have to work Saturday nights! I wish it wasn't so! I plan to drop in on Auntie Social and Miss Communicate as often as I can, so you haven't seen the last of me!

Keep on Rockin' ~~Peaches~~