Sunday, April 30, 2006

Playlist 4-29-06

Helen Love- Shifty Disco Girl
Slant 6- Don't Censor Me
Thee Headcoatees -Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
L7 -"Me, Myself & I"
Snap-Her -You're So Lame
Candypants -Attila The Honey
Aerobitch -Any Price
Frumpies -Innertube Tomorrow
Quarterslot -Get Gone
The Applicators -Hola Cuca
Bobbyteens -You're Too Young For Me (for Steve-O)
Bow Wow Wow -Radio GString
The Sounds
Juliette & The Licks -20 Year Old Lover
Vice Squad -Sterile
The Slits -FM
Arch Enemy -Enemy Within
Atari Teenage Riot -Deutschland (Has Gotta Die!)
Jaded -Knock it Back
Essential Logic -Rat Alley

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pick O'the Week???

Who's turn is it? I've got ideas if you ladies don't!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Playlist 4-earth day-06

Snap-Her -Fuck Earth Day
Tits of Death - Iron Nipples
Pussycat Trash-Mock Style Examinations
Horrorpops-Psychobitches Outta Hell
Ze Auto Parts-Buddha (go! go! go!)
Be Your Own PET-Let's Get Sandy (Big Problem)
The Emmas-I wanna wait
Legal Weapon- Daddy's gone mad
Blondie- Living In The Real World
Znowhite-Do Or Die
Slunt - Never Say Never (Romeo Void Cover- just for you, Biotic!)
Miss Kitty Twister & Her Hot Dogs-Pussycat Fight
The Hot Rollers - Black & Blue
The Staples - Dreams
VKTMS-100% White Girl
Bang Sugar Bang-Super cool
Team Dresch - I'm Illegal
Erase Errata-How to Tell Yourself From a Television
Julie Ruin-Crochet
Gore Gore Girls-Getting A Room
Afrirampo - Track 9
Salva me-The Machine

Did I miss any Miss Communicate??? ~Peaches

Yeah, like 6, but it's all good now.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Welcome Punkers!

Kat Arthur of Legal Weapon, above

Heya, punkrecords.orgers!

Make yourself at home with the Kick Ass Chicks of the Berkshire Valley Girl Intelligensia. Please comment, make suggestions and requests. If we can find it by tonight, we’ll play it! Listen live on Saturday 11pm-Midnight Eastern Standard Time. It’s not a Podcast, I swear. It is Live Streaming Radio! Community based, all volunteer, NO commercials!

Who's your favorite superhot-supernasty-uglybitch punkchick? Tell us all about it! In the comments, or if you are shy just email Who have we been leaving out?

Friday, April 21, 2006

My dearest Peaches,

It does appear that you have royally screwed up this very *important* media outlet better known as "our blog". How are we ever going to learn you in the ways of technolomagy? Can I fix it when I get back???


What have I done?

Auntie Social, alittle help? I'm such a compu-tard.

~Peaches, slow tech~

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Detroit Cobras

Whatever you do don't call them a cover band!
They remake old songs and give em a new sound. They're HAWT man! If these guys come town you better make the show, I know WE will.
They're from, you guessed it Detroit formed somewhere around 1995, they're a must hear!
Here's a link Stylus Magazine article
And listen to MP-3's on their myspace page you won't be disappointed!
This has been a Peaches Pick O'the Week!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Playlist 4-15-06

L7 - Off the Wagon
Dresden Dolls - My Alcoholic Friends
Daisy Chainsaw - Dog With Sharper Teeth
Pain Teens - Daughter of Chaos
Heavenly - Me and My Madness
Phone Job - Food Smut
Babes in Toyland - He's My Thing
LiliPUT - Tisko
Red Scare - Red Rum
The Gossip - No No No
Boss Hog - Green Skirt
Melt Banana - Faint Heart
Y Pants - Beat It Down
Gaia - Why Not
Kitty Craft - I'm Chocolate, You're Oatmeal
Sugarcubes - Delicious Demon
7 Year Bitch - It's Too Late
? - Ode to Rock
Paper Tiara - Sunned Creamed Domed
Land of The Loops - Hard-Boiled Eggs

Friday, April 14, 2006

Argggg.... girls you better make this week good cause I'm going to be listening to the show STREAMING LIVE ONLINE! This is so fuckin rad!

~~~~Peaches (out of town)~~~~

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Thanks for the CD Pussymonster! You have now been played on the airwaves of a local, community based radio station in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Your CD is now stocked @ the studio, where other DJs just might pick it up and put it on the air!

You rock Pussymonster, and Kick Ass Chicks love you!

their myspace page

P.S. to the other DJs:
The lyrics are printed in the booklet of the cd case so you can make sure you won't be playing naughty words during the day.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Playist 4-8-06

Electrocute - Kleiner Dicker Junge
Pussymonster - Action Pants
A Brokeheart Pro - You Don't Know
Hooker - Like It My Way
My Ruin - Rockstar
Atomic Blonde - Fire Me Up
Guano Apes - We Use the Pain
Ze Auto Parts - Frankenstein
The Gits - Insecurities
Gossip - Jason's Basement
Team Dresch - Fagetarian and Dyke
The Shocker - Bad Brains Good Head
Holly Golightly - I Can't Be Trusted
Insaints - Stupid Boy
You Say Party! We Say Die! - The gap (between the rich and the poor)
Shiny Mama - Got a Thing
The Glossines - Three Girl Rumba
The Sex-Rays - Whoop-ti-do
Valeze - Search and Destroy (Iggy cover)
Tracy and the Plastics - Quaasars

Monday, April 03, 2006


Here at long last is the link for STREAMING!! I'm not sure why Auntie Social had trouble with this link, so it may not work for everyone. As of now there is only room for 20 listeners so get there early!

WBCR-LP 97.7FM Great Barrington, MA live streaming

note: this link uses itunes
Be sure to catch us Satudays nights 11p-12a (eastern)


Actually, it uses what your compooter wants it to use, in Peaches' case, itunes, in my case, Winamp.
I am sure all you computer whizzes out there can figure it out.

But yes, please listen! Next Saturday we'll be back to the usual format, and I promise not to play any Britney or Gwen.


-edit again-
OK, so I had a moment of dumass-ity and then bothered the tech guru :^/ Anyways, the link should work as long as there is some program on your computer associated with the file type ".pls", for playlist... GAH!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Playist 4-1-06

Well, I had fun at least.
I highly recommend clicking on the links. hint.hint

Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
I wish I knew who did this (britney parody)- Make My Boobies One More Size
Children of Bodom - Oops, I Did It Again (britney cover)
Scarling - The Last Day I Was Happy
The Sounds - Rock N Roll
DJ Schmolli (Rammstein vs. Kelly Clarkson)- Since You've Been Rosenrot
Kidney Thieves - Black Bullet
Pink vs. Magnum P.I. Theme - Get This Magnum Started
Demolition Doll Rods - Fooling Around
DJ Danny Shaffer (Missy Elliot vs. Blondie) - Work it
Jazmo - Giving It All Away (Jaq Version)
Ladytron vs. Kylie Minogue - Can't Get Out of My Playgirl
Morningwood - Ride The Lights
Jack Killed Jill - MacArthur Maze
Madonna vs. Kelis - Holiday Milkshake
Gwen Stefani vs. Britney Spears - Toxic Ho
X-Ray Spex - I Am a Cliche
Blondie vs. Public Enemy - Union City Noise

Saturday, April 01, 2006


What'd we say?
How do you know?
Who do you know?
Yes, this is all very extremely important, yes.

btw, we at kickasschicks, the radio show, are all concentrating very hard to conjure a proper definition for the term "rurasexual". So far this term includes, but is not limited to, those who enjoy big cars, long cars, hockey, and uhhhh sheep? We'll get back to you on this very important and serious subject matter... I smell a book. Possibly a satire in the works... You saw it here first, fyi.

if any of you out there are confused, so am i. this post has been edited beyond recognition.
We need to repost the streaming link.

AND most importantly:
The height of rurasexual fashion is the whole Carhartt brand.