Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Accessible Health Care

I have a luxury problem: my right foot. The problem has less to do with my lovely, dainty foot than the fact that it is still attached to my leg. If I can afford decent access to the health care system, I might be diagnosed with a condition that will require an amputation. Am I disabled? No. Can I afford to be? Heck, no. Do I think ObamaCare is a good idea? Yes.

I fear I have a bone infection: maybe MSRA by now.  Who knows?  Not me.  I only have two bachelor's degrees.  I'd rather my leg be cut off below the kneee than to risk surgery after surgery or anti-biotics so strong they're akin to chemotherapy.  I will save the calf, ankle, and foot to preserve and cut open for display and call the piece "GOP"- for the people.