Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pick O' the Week : Raspuntina

Can I get one thing off my chest? I've always had a thing for stringed instruments. Be it violin, viola, cello, or (omg) upright bass, I just can't get enough of that lovely resonance. It may come as no surprise then, that my pick of the week, and recurrent favorite, is Rasputina.

I love the way that they combine a slightly gothic and historic musical aesthetic with dark and clever lyrics. They have a website, if you find yourself intrigued: http://www.rasputina.com/contents.html.

You can check out a recently released live recording of their song "Rats" on their myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/rasputina. I hope they keep rocking the "mystikally celloriffic" cello rock and next time they play in North Hampton or NYC I'm going even if no one wants to come with me.

So there. Naaah.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Playlist 02.25.06!

New York Rel-X - Why
River City Tan Lines - Gimme Whatever
Scream And Scream Again - If I Thought I'd Get Away With It
Scarling - City Noise
New Black - You Look Good Enough To Eat Tonight
The Horror Pops - Walk Like A Zombie
Free Kitten - Bouwerie Boy
Vice Squad - (So) What For The Eighties?
Tracy + The Plastics - Henrietta
Pillow Fight - What About Me
The Glossines - Action
Inspect Her Gadget - Schizo
Go-Go's - How Much More (Original Stiff Single Version)
Buttersprites - Dog Food
The No-Talents - Meeow
controller.controller - PF
The Hazzards - Shut Up & Make Out
Queen Adreena - Pretty Like Drugs
HellFire Choir - To Me
Paperboy - Only on the Outside

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Wonders of Digital Technology and Our New Internet Friends

Somebody out there has a lot of punk records. As in vinyl. And he is encoding them as mp3s. As in the digital format we often use to gather music. And he likes chick bands. And he is sharing them with us via his blog. Sounds like a dream come true? It is!
I emailed him on behalf of the Kick Ass Chicks Radio Show asking for more. And he posted more. And he linked to us. And we love him!
He is Jon at http://www.punkrecords.org/

Here is an extra pic of Vice Squad, fronted by Beki Bondage, to go with our new mp3s of Vice Squad. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Zombina and the Skeletones

They're my pick of the week! You should really check them out... here's a link. I found them on myspace and they totaly rock my somewhat lame and uneventful life!They're from good old Great Britain and haven't been around for too long but I really dig 'em and you will too if you're reading this blog!! OOhh.. here's a better link. Here's the myspace link too!

This has been my pick of the week xoxo, Peaches


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On the subject of cowboys...

Peaches and I went to see Brokeback Mountain a while ago. While we left the theater weepy, touched, and intrigued with the plight of homosexual cowboy males in the 1960's, we also left with some very specific, shall we say, "plausibility" questions. This definitely doesn't answer anything, but I think it's funny.

Lego Brokeback Mountain [smugmug.com]

Via BoingBoing.net!

Will you forgive us for posting this when we start posting content pertinent to the radio show?


Playlist 2.18.06 (finally)

Sorry about the delay.

The Noisettes - Don't Give UP
Rondelles - Drag Stip Race
The Like - What I Say and Whay I Mean
Detroit Cobras - Out of This World
Romeo Void - Never Say Never
Snap-Her - Friend
The Del-Gators - Lay It Down
Daisy Chainsaw - I Feel Insane
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mystery Girl
The Butchies - Trouble
Morningwood - Take Off Your Clothes
Crystal Castles - Mother Knows Best
The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black - Make it Look Easy
The SohoDolls - Stripper
Teasing Lulu - Cat and Mouse
Shiny Mama - Got a Thing
Demolition Doll Rods - Move to the Music
Erase Errata - C. Rex
Kittie - Paperdoll
Boss Hog - I'm Not Like Everybody Else

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tattoo the Chicks!! A contest.

Ok, so we all were talking the other night and decided that we need matching tattoos. Hey! Don't question this. It has already been decided. We brain-stormed. We contemplated. We seriously considered all sorts of options involving vikings, cats, pirate swords, skulls, cross bones, and cupcakes. Hell, we considered viking cats with eye patches eating cupcake skulls decorated with crossbones.

Long story short: We want some sorta Venus Fly Trap tattoo. And by "some sorta" we mean any sexy, well drawn, carnivorous plant that suits our fancy. This is a very open ended, creative contest. Here's a few images we like:

The rules:
(1) email us at kickasschicks@gmail.com if you wanna play. That's so we know you are at least considering actually drawing something.
(2) Draw us a kickass, way sexy, carnivorous plant suitable for inking on various parts of us, most likely the hip region. This will probably involve one color line work only. There will possibly be some stipple/shading.
(3) We love you forever.

The prizes:
1st- your drawing inked on 3 lovely DJ's
+pictorial evidence for your portfolio
+A couple CD's of some favorites
Not 1st-A couple CD's of some favorites

We'll post any and all submissions on the blog with a link you/your webpage as desired.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Very DS VD

Oh Diesel Sweeties,
How do I love Thee?
Let me count the ways:
Cards are a waste of money: Part one
Cards are a waste of money: Part Two


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Playlist 02.11.06 !

Pink - Stupid Girls
The Waukees - Gay Boyfriend
The Twats - Laid
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Hate Myself For Loving You
The Pipettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
The Dresden Dolls - Dirty Business
Lorry Doll - Can't Get the City Off My Mind
The Gore Gore Girls - Star Struck
The Dolly Rots - Dance With Me
Supposed to be Manda and Marbles, Peaches what was that????
Candy Pants - Nerdy Boys
The Miggedys - Opposite Shades Of Gray
Zombina and the Skeletones - Spring Heeled Jack
The Soho Dolls - No Regrets
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (available for download on their website!)
The Hot Rollers - You Don't Do It (for me)
Huggy Bear - February 14th

Come party with the Kickass Chicks!

Don't get too excited. That's not really us in our profile photo. Gotta love radio, huh? But really, you should get out of your house/SUV/apartment/what-have-you for an excellent cause!

WBCR 97.7LP Presents
All Vinyl DJ Mashup!
Sunday February 12
8 PM @ Club Helsinki
$5 Cover
Support the ever so wonderful and way fantabulous WBCR,
aka Your Community Radio Station!

p.s. Be on the look out for DJ Miss Communicate. We hear from very reliable sources that she will represent on the turn tables.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

New York Rel-X

They freakin rock!! Formed in a basement in 2000, and playing their first show at the soon to be belated CBGB's, they're our newest fave!! You should really check them out at nyrelx.com or on myspace.com.

They and their promo guydude, Josh over at Disconnected Records, were kind enough to donate a CD to the radio station. We started a new section in the library!!! Many thanks.

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

hey man,
didn't anyone ever tell you that what happens in the VFW Hall stays in the VFW Hall? Me either, until last night. In attempts to present male strippers tastefully : Here's a picture!!

I'm having trouble figuring out if pictures of guys in G-strings is porn or not. Does anybody know? We've got tons of pics!

additionally, if you were listening to our show during the fund drive last night and heard some one repeatedly say the phone number in an annoying manner, it wasn't me. I SWEAR. It was this crazy cow chick.


x_X Auntie S.

Playlist 2.04.06

Auntie Social will post pictures of the packages we saw last night and Peaches will post about the package we got the other day from the New York Rel-X!

Here is the playlist:

White Trash Debutantes - BoysNBooze
New York Rel-X - Emergency
Veruca Salt from the original Willie Wonka soundtrack - I Want it Now
The Dollyrots - Dance With Me
The Vanishing - Lovesick
Selby Tigers - Flashbars
Veruca Salt - Shimmer Like A Girl
NY Rel-X - Drunk on Tuesday
Goldfrapp - Strict Machine
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Do You Wanna Touch Me
Amazombies - At the Bar
Queenadreena - Under a Floorboard World
Tilt - Dear Wife
The Knife - Neon